Is there any .so for raspiberry Pi x64?

It works for raspiberry Pi 32bit, but I cannot find for x64 on raspiberry Pi.
Could anyone help me? thanks.

Hello, @youngerwei .
Thank you for your contact.
This is Live2D Support.

Are you sure this post is about SDK for Native?
There is currently no support for Raspberry Pi x64.
We will share this with the developer as a request.

If you are posting about Cubism Editor
Raspberry Pi is not supported.
Please check the following page for details.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks a lot for replying. Yes, I am using SDK for Native, and it works well for Raspberry PI 32 bits.
As 64bits Rasp Pi OS has released for a while, i hope that the new release of SDK for Raspberry Pi x64 as soon as possible.

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