Blend shape Graph Limit. From [0 to100%] to [-100% to 100%]

I was thinking of the blend shape parameter is very similar to the blend shape function(ctrl +shift +B). They both use some pythagorean theroem, the only difference is that blend shape function can go to negative values.

In the video, it was shown that the first box has 2 blend shape parameters, one for going horizontally and another for vertically. I applied the Graph preset: Line 3, which basically states that, when 2nd parameter reach the value of 30, the 1st parameter will go back being 0%, a value of 0.
The second box has the same nature, the difference is I manually returned the 1st parameter to the value of 0 (again, similar to graph preset), because they are not blend shape parameters… Then I copied the keyform of parameter 1 at value of 30) and blend shape it to parameter 2 at value of 30, then adjusted it to negative values…

Perhaps there is a reason why it was kept in 100% only? But it would be very great if it can go negative… much better if it’s not bounded by percentage. I hope this request will be added in the next update, Thanks!


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Thank you for your valuable input.
I could be wrong in my interpretation…but just to be sure, I will elaborate.
The “Set Weight Limit” function is only for limiting the maximum value of the weights.
Could your wish be accomplished by creating keyforms on either side of the base key of the blendshape, for example?

This technique is not recommended in the official product manuals due to its high degree of difficulty, but advanced users with a deep understanding of blendshape functionality will be able to achieve a greater degree of freedom in expression.
Please refer to.

If I have misunderstood and am guiding you to the wrong thing, please point it out to me.
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