Question: SDK[4-r.5] Want to Add two Separate Mouths for Lip Sync on one Model. (Unity 2019.4f)

We are building a game where it’s easier to have one model with interacting animations.
Two models sharing the same physics but treated as one model.

We want to add two mouth sources for individual lip sync per mouth independently. .

So to lip sync you need:

  1. Mouth Audio Input to audio channel.
  2. Mouth parameters to move that mouth.

For our Example we would like to add additional mouth inputs.

  1. 2 Mouth Audio Inputs
  2. 2 Different Mouth Lip sync sources.

Different audio sources sync to different mouth parameters.

What way would you recommend we accomplish this? Is the code fairly easy to add on to? Can we just make Cubsim mouth controller2, Cubism Audio Mouth input2, and Attach a secondary audio source?

Or is it more complex than that?

Hello @therinwhitten ,

Thank you for your contact.
This is Live2D Support.

Do you mean one model with multiple mouths?
If so, as you say, we can solve this problem by creating CubsimMouthController2, CubismAudioMouthInput2.

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Do you mean one model with multiple mouths?
Yes. One Model with multiple mouths.
Going for Separate Mixer Audio Channels with Lipsync for Mouth Input.

I appreciate this. We will report back.

Wanted to report back.
We serialized the Audio Mouth Input, Mouth Controller, and Lip Sync Param. Now we can add however many independent audio sources we want in one model.

When we release the demo, we wanted to make an open source repository of the code changes to forward to you guys to add to the SDK. Who do we get a hold of to make that happen?


Please take a look Live2D Open Software License Agreement.

However, redistribution of the Cubism Core library is not permitted.
If you release the source code, please do not include the libraries in the “Assets/Live2D/Cubism/Plugins” folder of the Cubism SDK for Unity in your repository.

If you have any questions about the license, please contact us at “SDK Release License (Publication License)” below.

Best regards.

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That sounds like a plan.
I would like to see if this functionality can be added to the SDK for future developers to the SDK. I appreciate your help.

Will go through the proper channels. :pray: